More, Please (Please, Book Three) - Willow Summers

More, Please (Please, Book Three)

By Willow Summers

  • Release Date: 2016-02-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 296 Ratings


His ex-fiancée won’t let him go.

Stupid me. I thought life would get easier once Hunter admitted that he needed me. So what could go wrong?

Blaire. That’s what.

His ex-fiancée is a crazy b*tch with a capital B. She doesn’t like another woman going after “her” man. She’s vowed to slice me out of the equation. Physically.

And then something happens. Something that might make Hunter do as Blaire wants, and cut me out of his life forever.


  • It was ok

    By Pdb44
    I am finding that Olivia is quite annoying. I do love that Hunter is growing emotionally. Especially with a dick father. I love his mother. However, Blaire is insane. Perhaps if his mother were stronger, Hunter would be different. But then we would be reading a different story. I do love the series. Time to buy the final story. Enjoy!

    By Kdoster83
    "There is only one of you in the world—I’d be lost without you." Man oh man, words that make every romantics heart flutter. In this continuation of Hunter and Olivia's story we get to see even more develop between the two of them. And even more love than ever before, if that's possible! Of course things can't be perfect, there's always a jealous ex who stirs up the pot... Absolutely worth the read, you can't just ignore the steam coming out of this book! Well done Summers!
  • Spycraft 101

    By Gigiashvegan
    I am so in love with these insecure beings. Both Livy and Hunter have had a rough emotional life prior to finding each other, so when things start to get crazy. …Well let’s make that when someone starts to get crazy. The SH!!T hits the fan. Can Livy and Hunter hold on to their newly formed relationship? There are forces working for them and against them, but could the most damaging one be their own self-doubt. There are some new characters introduced in this story line and definitely some old ones are there to spice it up too. There is a lot of great sexy time as well, which keeps you coming back for MORE PLEASE
  • Kicking it up another notch!

    By Books4Kat
    Every book in this series keeps getting better and More Please steps up another notch. The first two books were so much fun to read but in this book Olivia and Hunter's relationship is so much more. It still has all of the sex appeal and you mix in a little drama with the ex hanging around. Definitely looking forward to the last book!
  • You need to read More, Please!!!

    By Trudy Lynn
    More, Please is another exciting installment from the Please Series. Hunter has been in robot mode instead of living; that is until he meets Livy. She shows him how to live and most important how to love but his past has caught up to them! Hunter has come a long way from the man he was but can their new love survive his ex?! This was by far my favorite book of the series! It was so hot and sexy but had such an amazing sweet side! My only problem with this book is I still want More, PLEASE!!!
  • More, please doesn't even cover it!

    By JNLR33D
    This series has me captivated and with each book I am sucked in even more. More please has me begging for more! I literally could not put it down! Willow continues to out do herself with each sentence! I am so excited to see what happens next for this amazing power couple! I also love that my name is in this book!! Was quite a shock as my name spelling is not common.
  • Love Doesn't Come Easy

    By SpeCoLa
    Sometimes we allow our past to define us. Sometimes we allow our pasts to make us stronger. In the third book in this series, More, Please we get too see just how Hunters past affected his life, how the love of Livy gives him hope for his future. Their love doesn't come easy. But they say love doesn't come easy, if it did, it wouldn't be worth it. For Hunter and Livy, their love for each other will be tested. Obstacles from Hunters past will invade his future. A future that he finally realizes he wants with Olivia Johnston. From the moment they met, Hunter knew she was it for him. This book is endearing. It makes you believe in love and makes you realize that your either in it all the way or not at all. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. I am a huge fan of this series and this author. Ms. Summer's gets you hooked from page one. I look forward to reading more from this series and any other books she writes. Reviewed by RorymLampley
  • Read, Please!

    By Kerri Fitzgerald
    This book was very appropriately named More, Please! I cannot get enough of this series. Even when I think I have it all figured out, there is a new twist or turn that completely takes me off guard. I love the relationship, emotions, and characters in this series. I love this series!
  • More, Please!

    By Caseface28
    I enjoyed this continuation of the Please Series. I love that we get to see a deeper side to Hunter. I'm glad to know he's capable of recognizing that he does have feelings, and he doesn't feel the need to hide those away from Livvy. In this part of the story, there are a lot of hot sexy times, and a lot of drama. At one point in the book, I'm not going to lie, I got a little bit worried. I'm glad Ms. Summers was able to bring that situation together without compromising Livvy's integrity or messing up Hunter and Livvy's relationship. I was definitely worried that it could have thrown a wrench in everything Livvy had been working for with Hunter. And I feel like with a lot of other authors, it would have been the easier road to take. I'm glad Summers doesn't take the easy road with her characters. I'm not bashing, I enjoy the not always rational characters sometimes, but I'm glad this author doesn't take the same road. I've come to expect that she won't. So I ended up not being disappointed. Some things that that bothered me with this part of the story. I felt the whole Blaire situation was too easy. I'm wondering if we'll see more of her crazy in the next book. Also, Rodge. I can't with that guy. I'm worried that how Livvy took care of him will come back to bite her in the butt. Also, I'm pretty glad that Hunter took the surprising news Livvy had as well as he did. All in all, I enjoyed More, Please. I can't wait for the final book to see how it all ends.
  • Another Brilliant Read from Willow Summers

    By GMMoody66
    More, Please is named accurately because this leaves you wanting more and more of this hot couple. Hunter Is beyond dreamy and he's finally loosing up around Olivia; Livy. I'm just so in love with this couple. You cheer for their happiness, you want them to live happily ever after. I recommend this book to everyone. It's amazing, you'll love it