Lloyd's Banking Group in London - Richard Lighthouse

Lloyd's Banking Group in London

By Richard Lighthouse

  • Release Date: 2016-10-30
  • Genre: Industries & Professions


Lloyd's Banking Group is the largest corporation in the world, according to Yahoo Industry Financials, with a global market capitalization exceeding $2.4 Quadrillion USD. This company was formed in 1995, but based on its financials, it appears to be hiding trillions of dollars in assets. This is the total market capitalization of the stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange as LLD2, LLD5, LLD6, and LLD7. In fact, it is larger than all other banks in the world combined. Think about that because it bears repeating – One bank in London has more assets than all other banks in the world put together. It is at least 100 times larger than the next largest bank – JPMorganChase. $2.4 Quadrillion dollars is enough money to give every man, woman, and child on our planet, about $324,000.00 each. And still have money left over. That's enough money to solve global hunger. That's enough money to cure every disease. That's enough to provide good housing for everyone on the planet. And this is all held in one bank in London. So why is the London Stock Exchange trying to hide the value of these bank stocks? If you research this, you will find the value and number of shares of these LLD stocks are being altered on the internet. David Rockefeller, Nathaniel Rothschild, Jay Rockefeller, Jacob Rothschild, Evelyn Rothschild, David Rothschild. Read "The Money Mafia" by Paul Hellyer, former Acting Prime Minister of Canada. Mr Hellyer describes how these wealthy families have stolen from US taxpayers for more than 100 years, but what is missing from his book is - where these criminals are hiding their ill-gotten money. They can be charged under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Each reader should consider that this money was fraudulently stolen from your tax dollars - and everyone should want their money back. This is your money!