Richard Lighthouse Ebooks Blocked from - Richard Lighthouse

Richard Lighthouse Ebooks Blocked from

By Richard Lighthouse

  • Release Date: 2016-10-24
  • Genre: Americas


This short technical paper describes the deliberate deletion or blocking of file records at the Internet Archive ( Richard Lighthouse has published more than 100 ebook titles over the last four years, and his ebooks are carried at many of the major ebook retailers in North America. However, not a single ebook or even a reference to his name can be found on the Internet Archive. This is statistically improbable, based on the Archive file retention and crawling of most major websites up to 20 times per day. The ebook websites stored in the Internet Archive include apple itunes,,,,,,,, etc. - all of which have Richard Lighthouse ebooks. The Internet Archive storage system does not give a preference to people because they are popular or famous; it simply goes by the numbers.