“I Will Only React to Constructive Suggestions:” Targeted Individuals - Richard Lighthouse

“I Will Only React to Constructive Suggestions:” Targeted Individuals

By Richard Lighthouse

  • Release Date: 2017-09-25
  • Genre: True Crime


This short ebook describes the most important statement that Targeted Individuals can use. “I will only react to constructive suggestions” - is a statement for self-hypnosis. It is most effective when repeated at bedtime, but can be used anytime an individual feels fear. Most of what the CIA criminals are doing with their illegal and horrific Targeted Individuals program, involves the use of subliminal suggestions. Targeted Individuals can regain their power by using this self-hypnosis statement many times each day, until it becomes part of their core beliefs. It will effectively block negative external influences.

About 20% of the population is immune to personality modification. The reasons for this are not fully understood, but some people appear to have a natural blocking mechanism in their core personality that prevents tampering from the outside. The average person can adopt this blocking capability by using a self-hypnosis procedure. Therefore, a person's best defense against subliminal messaging programs is a statement similar to; “I will only react to constructive suggestions.” It can be repeated at bedtime, or during meditative periods during the day. It is extremely effective. Although it cannot stop microwave attacks, it can prevent the personality from becoming vulnerable to alteration. This self-hypnosis statement also has other beneficial side effects.

Dr Doug Rokke is a former government scientist that became a whistleblower. (BiggerThanSnowden.com). He worked on some of the CIA's illegal programs and became familiar with the procedures and equipment that were used on Targeted Individuals and their family members. Dr Rokke has identified the frequencies around 450 MHz as being used for training the brain to respond to specific subliminal messages.

It can take several weeks to several months for the process, but the process can be effectively blocked by using a self-hypnosis statement. Whenever you are feeling fear, is a good time to repeat the statement. Eventually, your subconscious will hold it as a permanent belief, giving you immunity. Another alternative is to modify the statement until it feels right for you, such as, “I will only react to constructive suggestions, for all eternity.” In some people, this can offer immediate long-term benefits. Readers are suggested to modify the statement to a wording that you feel will give you permanent benefits. Trust your intuition. RLighthouse.com