Sonic the Hedgehog #1 - Ian Flynn & Tracy Yardley

Sonic the Hedgehog #1

By Ian Flynn & Tracy Yardley

  • Release Date: 2018-02-12
  • Genre: Graphic Novels
Score: 4.5
From 57 Ratings


SONIC’S RACING INTO A NEW ADVENTURE! After defeating the evil Dr. Eggman’s latest plot, Sonic is racing around the world to shut down the robotic Badnik forces that are still attacking villages. But it’s a big job for one hedgehog—even Sonic! Fortunately, he’ll have some help from his best friend: Tails!


  • Solid start, iffy fight scenes

    By Xavierscribbles
    The page layouts for the fights were kinda confusing, but I liked the art overall. Hoping they improve later, but this artist has been at it for awhile...
  • Memetastic

    By meme god 2947
    Some Sonic media to meme, 5 stars
  • Takes forever to load in

    By Soundguy1969
    I asked my dad to install this but it didn’t work so he said he could install it on his great book but takes a while to install
  • A+

    By charlie the roblox player
    I love this book and this series I started off by reading #6 cuz it had shadow in it and he’s my fav character, but then I read this one and I’m almost finished with #2, but these books should longer.
  • Sonic

    By bryson webb
    Thanks for makeing this book
  • Cool

    By Anekin Ortiz
    I really enjoyed it since it’s canon
  • Good Good Good

    By Christo01906
    Cool Good and awesome
  • Off to a good start

    By Sonicfan200
    Really all there is to say to it. Lol
  • A Awesome Start

    By HyperSonicStar
    This is a PERFECT way to start a new comic series. Especially if it’s your favorite franchise of all time. Can’t wait for the 2nd issue to be released 💖💖💖😁💖💖💖
  • Return of the blue blur

    By Supirorguy
    To start off, I felt the artwork was amazingly done. It captures the spirit and tone of the writing and makes scenes that much better. The writing was top notch by Ian. The dynamic of Sonic and Tails was awesome. They felt like brothers reuniting to fight a common enemy and that's exactly what they did. The references were done well. Nothing in the issue felt like complete nostalgia bait. The references all fit the scene and the tone from Knuckles and Amy's name drops to the return of "Buddy Dash" and Super Badniks from Sonic 4. The issue really set the tone for the series. Sonic and Tails felt comedic and serious. Sonic rushes in cracking jokes but goes to town fighting and is serious all the way through. Tails puts together a plan to trap the badniks and executes it with about the best writing since the Archie series. I highly reccomend you all give this a read. If you don't like it you tried it. But I loved it.