Summer Seduction - Rachel Van Dyken

Summer Seduction

By Rachel Van Dyken

  • Release Date: 2018-08-30
  • Genre: New Adult
Score: 4.5
From 179 Ratings


I wanted revenge. 
And I got it in the best way possible. 

Ray has always driven me insane, now that we’re older, all I want is to make her feel the pain she put me through for four years. 

And then suddenly, everything shifts and I realize I just want her, 
It’s bad enough that I’m the camp director-her boss. 

Our love is equal to our hate for one another and the burning tension between us refuses to relent. If anything its gotten worse. 

I push her. 
She pushes back. 
Passion whether it be born out of love or hate—is a powerful beast, one I’m refusing to tame. 

Marlo and Ray’s story continues…


  • Leaves you wanting more

    By ktmo
    Second Chance Romance by Rachel Van Dyken Cruel Summer Series (book 2 of 3) is an iBooks exclusive This series is more of a trilogy - one story separated into 3 books. The first, Summer Heat, and the second book, Summer Seduction is is out now. The third book, Summer Nights, is set to come out September 27th. This means you won’t be left wanting for long. I have to preface this review by saying that these stats may change as I read the rest of the series. I feel like I got to know the characters a lot more in this book than the first. Book Boyfriend: 💋💋💋💋 Marlon or Marlo is a certified beef cake that is really good at performance - acting, singing, dancing, etc. He, unfortunately, lives with a chip on his shoulder. Marlo was adopted and he grew up always thinking he wasn’t good enough or worthy of love because of being abandoned by his birth parents. Marlo and Ray had a special moment in high school but she too, rejected him and made him feel like he wasn’t good enough. He’s always remembered that and strived to prove to himself and others that he was worth it. Strong Female Lead: 💋💋💋💋 Ray is perfect but looks can be deceiving. On the outside, it looks like she has everything. She is beautiful, smart, talented and her family is wealth. She never wants for anything except love. Her brother died when she was very young and it changed the dynamic of her family. Her parents no longer showed her love. The bought whatever she wanted or didn’t want but never truly showed they cared. They missed many important events in her life which left her feeling unworthy, lonely and rejected. She has to work at performance art because her parents won’t support that life choice. She wants to prove to her parents and herself that she can accomplish the things she wants in life. Plot: 💋💋💋.5 This book was much better than the first. I felt like I got to know the characters more and what demons they were fighting. I also felt like I saw Marlo and Ray’s connection more… the hate turned to love/hate. I’m still thrown off by the summer camp because some parts of the book don’t make sense to me and how I think of camp. These aspects of the book make me stop and wonder but doesn’t really take away from the storyline which is all about the characters - their back story, their connection, and overcoming their fears. The book does end in a cliffhanger and I about died. Steamy Factor: 💋💋💋 There were definitely some spicy scenes in this segment. Nothing over the top - true RVD fashion but enough to get your blood pumping. Overall: 💋💋💋.5 Again, parts of the camp story line and dialogue weren’t what I was hoping for and what I’ve come to expect from her books. I do, however, really like getting to know the characters. This segment does a great job providing insight into why they’ve turned out the way they did and building that connection between each other. I’m all about character development and making connections with them. My biggest need in a book is connection to characters and wanting to root for them. I feel like toward the end of the book I was feeling this way. I am REALLY looking forward to the third and final book and hope the stats go up again. Book Summary from author: I wanted revenge. And I got it in the best way possible. Ray has always driven me insane, now that we're older, all I want is to make her feel the pain she put me through for four years. And then suddenly, everything shifts and I realize I just want her, It's bad enough that I'm the camp director — her boss. Our love is equal to our hate for one another and the burning tension between us refuses to relent. If anything it's gotten worse. I push her. She pushes back. Passion, whether it be born of love or hate — is a powerful beast, one I'm refusing to tame. Marlo and Ray's story continues… Kiss and Tell Book Blog 💋💋💋💋💋
  • It gets better and better

    By sammyreads
    The story picks up from where it ended in the first book. This book has more depth and was more of a roller coaster ride . Nevertheless its captivating and keeps the readers fully engrossed in this entertaining journey of Marlo and Ray .
  • Can’t wait for conclusion.

    By Jenzny
    So.... I am totally enjoying this story overall. BUT... with stories like this, I tend to struggle with the middle part. The cliffhanger on the first part was really good and I think this installment went a long way to explaining their past relationship and how they had gotten to this point. I found myself emotional thinking about what they guys had been through. I am looking forward to seeing where this ends up going in the conclusion.
  • My heart can’t handle these cliffhangers!

    By scottnl73
    I literally devoured this book in about 3 hours and I’m now salivating waiting for the last book. The chemistry and heat between Marlo and Ray hasn’t diminished, despite the cliffhanger of the first book. There are still plenty of secrets on both sides, and they each still have deep-seated insecurities and fears that cause them to lash out against each other. I’m hoping that questions will be answered with the last book, especially all the questions concerning Ray. But obviously the biggest question is what’s going to happen after the cliffhanger.
  • Wow

    By payne mom
    I m not sure how to move on from this book. The love and hate that Marlo and Ray have is believe it or not is amazing. The push and pull u feel all the way to your bones. I m a huge Rachel fan but this series is one that just won’t let go. I m not sure I will make it till book 3 comes out. This series is a must read and my summer favorite so far. Job well done Rachel... what a way to make sure I left my heart at the end of this book . 😘
  • Good...?

    By Jnt00
    A book with a cliffhanger is always hard to rate for me!! And while book 1 in the series had one...this one is even worse!! I loved seeing the continuation and can’t wait to read more!! Come on release day!!
  • Best cliffhanger ever!

    By 1dianaf_
    Oh gosh, y’all. I wish I could say I loved this second book way more than I did the first one but I unfortunately didn’t. Well… I don’t know. In a way, I disliked it more than the first book and at the same time I feel like I liked it more. I know that probably doesn’t make any sense but that is exactly how I feel. Like a mess of emotions. I disliked this book a bit more than the first one because I feel like it is way more sexual in a not very romantic or classy way if you know what I mean. I felt like the characters were pretty rude/nasty to each other—calling each other names and whatnot—and I don’t like that at. all. How is that even romantic?! How can a couple who supposedly has strong feelings for each other, aside from hate that is, call each other names and take it as teasing/foreplay? I don’t even know but to each their own I guess. Usually I prefer the cliché, cheesy, happy-go-lucky romances way more so blame my tastes on this one. The reason I liked this book more is because of the ending. BOY, the ending deserves a complete star (hence the three stars on this one) for being the most exciting ending ever. Okay… and I also have to admit I liked getting to know the characters on a deeper level but let’s go back to the extremely exciting ending. You know when you’re reading/watching something and then a scene comes on and it leaves you gasping from the shock and you just want to know what’s going to happen next but you’re left hanging? That was exactly how I felt when I got to the end of this second book. It blew my mind away and as much as I’m going to sound like a terrible person by saying this, I needed and LOVED all the pain and the drama because now I’m actually excited to pick up the next book and find out if Rachel is going to take the story back to the same old, same old or if she’s going to give us a major plot-twist. I’m kind of hoping for the latter to be honest. But I’m honestly so excited to find out. If you haven’t picked up the first book in this series yet then you seriously need to consider picking it up because the third book is going to be released soon and I can already feel it is going to be beyond thrilling. I can’t wait for y’all to jump on the bandwagon of hate/love and share your thought with me!
  • Another emotional journey.

    By Fa2sdh
    This story picks up right where the first story ends. However, it’s not over for Marlo and Ray. Things are intense and tension is high. Great follow. Ray and Marlo have to explore their feelings and let fine done major walls. In between all the sexy tension and emotional breakthroughs is a laughter and fun. The chicken will have you laughing. Also the supporting characters are great. Definitely recommended!
  • Sexy and Emotional

    By adrianperkins
    Hate turns to lust turns to love turns back to hate in the continuation of Ray and Marlo’s story. The sexual tension is still off the carts with these two. The angst and the emotion and the banter and the shnanigans will keep you glued from start to finish. And in true Rachel Van Dyken fashion, we’re left wondering what the hell just happened and what will happen next!!
  • It’s so good!!!

    By Bella is freaking out
    This series just keeps getting better and better and now I’m dying for the conclusion after that major cliffhanger! I’m so invested in Ray and Marlo. I NEED to know what happens next. This is writing at it’s best. Young love, so much Angst and sexual tension.’s just so good!!!