Government Whistleblower - Richard Lighthouse

Government Whistleblower

By Richard Lighthouse

  • Release Date: 2016-07-15
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


This short ebook documents some of my correspondence with Senators and Congressmen regarding the CIA, FBI, and NSA. I began writing elected officials in 2014. I have written numerous times, informing them that my Constitutional rights were being violated by Federal government agents, and asking for their assistance. My attorney wrote a letter/fax to more than a dozen Senators and Congressmen in January 2015. We received an acknowledgment from Senators Feinstein and Cornyn. On 10 January 2016, I wrote again to request their assistance and provide information. Within days of sending these letters, the harassment escalated significantly. I have also contacted whistleblower organizations and human rights organizations asking for assistance. In my opinion, the Council on Foreign Relations is behind these criminal and unconstitutional acts. A number of authors have accused the Council on Foreign Relations of treason.