Unmasked - Helen Hardt


By Helen Hardt

  • Release Date: 2019-01-29
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 5
From 30 Ratings


"A first-rate outing in a consistently enthralling series." -Kirkus Reviews

“This series continues to blow my mind.” -Sassy Little Book Nerd

“The writing was just as phenomenal, the characters were just as vivid, and the plot continued to have me going around in circles, trying to guess what would happen next.” -Natalie the Biblioholic

“A page turner of a series!” -Sissy’s Romance Book Review

Vampires can’t levitate. At least that’s what Dante Gabriel always thought, until he finds himself floating above his bed along with his lover, Erin Hamilton. As he continues to exhibit unusual powers, more memories from his time in captivity surface, leaving him fearing what he might have done while imprisoned. When a new and unexpected temptation arises, he finds himself unable to resist.

Erin aches for Dante and wants more than anything for him to find peace. As they uncover clue after clue in their attempt to find the missing women and solve the puzzle of Dante’s past, she is more determined than ever to put an end to their struggle, even if it means putting herself in harm’s way.

After an ominous visit with Bea, the voodoo priestess, Dante knows what he must do, and he must do it alone. First, though, he will make Erin truly his and take the sustenance he needs to get him through his next battle. But will his love for her be enough to save him when his nemesis is finally unmasked?


  • Unmasked

    By Chelled75
    Love this series!! I love the different truths are revealed about vampires, and how it differs from the norm.I can’t wait to read the ending to this series!
  • Fantastic vampire story

    By gingin615
    Dante and Erin just keep going strong in the midst of the madness and mayhem. Vampire love at it's best and lots of steamy sexy times. Dante discovers new powers and needs Erin to help him from going to a really dark place as he learns about his abilities. And that pesky Queen just won't go away! Dante's memories keep him on edge as they search for the missing women and the voices in his head are still there. We get answers to questions but more pop up along with danger, intrigue and mystery. Another well written story in the series but I'm ready to see how it all wraps up and hope that Dante and Erin finally get to a peaceful place in their crazy world. Can't wait for the conclusion to this terrific series but I'll miss these wonderful characters.
  • Unmasked by Helen Hard

    By VQG
    Ok so I read it and I will probably read the next one just because I want to know the ending to but I feel like this series have stretch a little to long by a lot of repetitive sentences. I believe everything could have been covered in two to three book it’s not as the steel brothers where each series has its own character. I know some of you might not like this review but I would not do it justice to Helen and help her grow as an author, otherwise I like the plot and the unique view of the vampire world she is introducing.
  • Love his unmasking!

    By starstacy
    So much good going on this volume! Dante’s unmasking of his dark side & struggle between his light & dark sides is enthralling to read. The tension is mounting to find the missing women, & we get more twists to the story which left me quickly turning pages. Then we are left with the biggest cliffhanger yet that had me gasping then putting my hand over my mouth! I wait with baited breath for the final installment & who will be Undefeated!
  • Light at the end of the tunnel?

    By 12toot
    I’m not sure how much more that I can take! I hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You think that “finally, there are going to be some answers”. Well, yes, you get some answers BUT then it raises more questions! Not sure that my heart can take it. My only complaint is that Dante needs to confide in someone on what’s going on with him! Whether it’s Erin or Julian or River, keeping it quiet just doesn’t bode well. There aren’t many authors and books that I’m willing to invest so much time in. Helen Hardt is the exception and she certainly does it well.