Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 3 - 鳥山明

Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 3

By 鳥山明

  • Release Date: 2011-07-13
  • Genre: Other
Score: 5
From 32 Ratings


While Goku races towards Earth along the million-kilometer Serpent Road, the world's mightiest martial artists make their last stand against alien invaders determined to wipe out the human race! Piccolo. Gohan, Kuririn, Tenshinhan and Chaozu struggle five-to-one against Nappa, only to find their opponents' power is greater than they ever dreamed. Their last chance is Goku...but can he get there in time? And is even he, and the miraculous Kaiô-ken, a match for Nappa's commander Vegeta?


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    By JoshuaAllenMason
    The battle for the fate of earth begins. The Saiyans have arrived and no Goku in sight as the Z fighter begin the ultimate struggle vs Vegeta and Nappa. Will Goku arrive in time to save the world and his friends?