Secrets of the 3-String Partial Capo - Harvey Reid

Secrets of the 3-String Partial Capo

By Harvey Reid

  • Release Date: 2010-07-09
  • Genre: Music


3-string partial capos have been around for many years, but the information about how to use them has been scarce, and most players have no idea how to find all the hidden music they generate. Now you can finally find out what they can do, with Harvey Reid's vitally important instruction manual for the E-sus 3-string partial guitar capo. This veritable "Rosetta Stone" shows a mind-bending 24 different ways to use one (or two) of these capos on your guitar, with dozens of clever ideas that thousands of capo owners don't know about, since none of the capos come with any real instructions. Over 1200 chords hand-picked by the partial capo pioneer show you exactly where to put your partial capo and where to put your fingers to get the music.

This book is designed for owners of the Shubb, G-7 or Kyser Esus capos, but works also for the Third Hand or Spider universal capos. The pages are packed with photos, charts, explanations, tips, examples, tricks and detailed explanations and discussions of partial capo strategy-- plus lots of amazing chords. For beginners, singers, pickers- anyone who has a partial capo can learn a tremendous amount from this book.