A Preface to Politics - Walter Lippmann

A Preface to Politics

By Walter Lippmann

  • Release Date: 2015-03-31
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


This book is a collection of essays, divided into chapters that try to sketch an attitude towards statecraft. This book wasn’t written with the intention to present an adequate exposition of modern political method. It represents a sketch of a theory of politics, a preface to thinking, which is a result of a struggle with the problems that appear with the experience of a man.
In this book, the author talks about the change in America and the western world that took place after the American Revolution. Here, the author presents his view of the government, as the most important institution in one society, and the statesman, which, according to him is the natural leader of the government and the society. 
The author believes that the U.S. constitution was appropriate for the time of creating it, but it no longer serves a purpose in his time.
In this book you will read about: • Routineer and Inventor • The Taboo • The Changing Focus • The Golden Rule and After • Well Meaning but Unmeaning: the Chicago Vice Report • Some Necessary Iconoclasm • The Making of Creeds • The Red Herring • Revolution and Culture