“Comics Artist” Jon Bogdanove Signed “Superman” Comic JG Autographs COA

“Comics Artist” Jon Bogdanove Signed “Superman” Comic JG Autographs COA

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“Comics Artist” Jon Bogdanove Signed “Superman” Comic JG Autographs COA

Up for auction “Comics Artist” Jon Bogdanove Signed Limited Edition “Superman” Comic #3031/10,000. This item is certified authentic by JG Autographs and comes with their Certificate of Authenticity.


Jon Bogdanove is an American comics artist and writer. He is best known for his work on Power Pack and Superman: The Man of Steel, as well as for creating the character Steel with writer Louise Simonson in 1993. After attending the School of Visual Arts,[1] Jon Bogdanove’s first work for Marvel Comics was Alpha Flight #32 (March 1986).[2] He then became the regular artist on Power Pack as of #22 (May 1986) and would draw that title for the next four years. Bogdanove collaborated with writer Chris Claremont on the Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men limited series in 1987 and with Louise Simonson on the X-Terminators series the following year. In 1991, Bogdanove began drawing for DC Comics. He, Louise Simonson, and editor Mike Carlin launched a new Superman title, Superman: The Man of Steel — which Bogdanove would draw for nearly eight years until #85 (Jan. 1999). He contributed to the “Panic in the Sky” storyline in 1992. That same year, Bogdanove and Simonson (along with Carlin, Dan JurgensRoger Stern and others) were the architects of The Death of Superman storyline, in which Superman died and was resurrected. It was during that storyline, in The Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993), that Simonson and Bogdanove introduced their character Steel, who graduated to his own title in February 1994. The character went on to feature in an eponymous feature film starring Shaquille O’Neal in 1997. The Bogdanove–drawn Superman: The Man of Steel #30 (Feb. 1994) had a variant edition packaged in a polybag. The logo and all cover copy were printed on the bag and vinyl clings (similar to Colorforms) were included for a do-it-yourself front and back cover Bogdanove was one of the many artists who contributed to the Superman: The Wedding Album one-shot in 1996 wherein the title character married Lois Lane.[8] After leaving the Superman: The Man of Steel title, Bogdanove drew two intercompany crossovers for DC Comics: SupermanSavage Dragon: Metropolis (Nov. 1999) co-published with Image Comics and Superman / Aliens II: God War (May 2002 – Nov. 2002) co-published with Dark Horse Comics. Bogdanove reunited with Louise Simonson for the DC Retroactive: Superman – The ’90s one-shot in October 2011. Bogdanove has participated with his son, Kal-El Bogdanove, on assorted film projects including Hansel & Gretel (2006) and the Lady of the Isle television series.

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