“Comics Artist” Tom Grummett Signed “Superman” Comic JG Autographs COA

“Comics Artist” Tom Grummett Signed “Superman” Comic JG Autographs COA

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“Comics Artist” Tom Grummett Signed “Superman” Comic JG Autographs COA

Up for auction “Comics Artist” Tom Grummett Signed Limited Edition “Superman” Comic #3031/10,000. This item is certified authentic by JG Autographs and comes with their Certificate of Authenticity.


Thomas Grummett (born 1959) is a Canadian comics artist and penciller. He is best known for his work as penciller on titles such as The New TitansThe Adventures of SupermanSuperboyPower CompanyRobinNew Thunderbolts and Heroes. Tom Grummett began providing finished artwork over George Pérez‘s layouts on The New Titans #58 (Sept. 1989). He worked with Marv Wolfman and Pérez on the “A Lonely Place of Dying” storyline which introduced Tim Drake as the new Robin. Grummett remained on The New Titans after Pérez’s departure and helped Wolfman revitalize the title. He began a long association with the Superman franchise when he drew Action Comics #665 (May 1991) and then helped writer Louise Simonson and artist Jon Bogdanove launch a new title, Superman: The Man of Steel in July 1991. Grummett drew part of The Adventures of Superman #480 (July 1991) and became the main artist on that series with the following issue and then worked on the “Panic in the Sky” crossover in 1992. During his run on The Adventures of Superman, Grummett and writer Jerry Ordway (along with editor Mike CarlinDan JurgensRoger Stern and others) were the architects of “The Death of Superman” storyline, in which Superman died and was resurrected. It was during that storyline, that Grummett and writer Karl Kesel, created the new Superboy in The Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993). Grummett drew parts for DC Comics’ other major event of the early 1990s, “Batman: Knightfall“, contributing parts of “Knightquest” and “KnightsEnd”. Grummett launched an ongoing Robin series in November 1993 with writer Chuck Dixon and a Superboy series three months later with writer Karl Kesel. In Summer 1995, writer Roger Stern and Grummett created a new quarterly series, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow. He was one of the many artists who contributed to the Superman: The Wedding Album one-shot in 1996 wherein the title character married Lois Lane. Other work for DC included collaborating with Chuck Dixon on a Secret Six one-shot (Dec. 1997) as part of the Tangent Comics imprint and co-creating the Power Company series with writer Kurt Busiek in 2002. In 2000, Grummett and his former Superboy collaborator Karl Kesel created Section Zero as part of the Gorilla Comics imprint at Image Comics. Gorilla Comics was intended to be a creator owned company financed by a comics related website, eHero.com. The website proved to be a financial failure, leaving the creators to personally finance their own books. Along with the other Gorilla Comics creators, Kesel and Grummett attempted to continue the series they started, but these efforts proved to be unsuccessful. In January 2012, Kesel announced that he and Grummett would be relaunching Section Zero as a webcomic on the Mad Genius Comics website. The previously published stories were posted on the site and new material was added as it was completed. A Kickstarter campaign in 2017 will allow Kesel and Grummett to finish the story. At Marvel Comics, he completed a run as penciller on Thunderbolts, with writer Fabian Nicieza and inker Gary Erskine in 2007 and in 2009 he co-created the X-Men Forever series with Chris Claremont

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