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APRIL 1976



Fantastic Four Comic Stuff

The 1961 premere of this self-proclaimed : World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” ushered in the Marvel Age of Comics. It all starts when Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm take part in a space launch. Everything goes perfectly until they are bombarded with cosmic rays. Their inadequately shielded spaceship does not protect them, and suddenly the four find themselves altered by the radiation. Reed’s body becomes elastic ; Susan finds herself able to turn invisible at will ; Ben becomes mutated into a the scaled-rock skined Thing ; and Johnny becomes a Human Torch. Together, they become The Fantastic Four.

Item Description Stuff

6.0 FINE (FN): An above-average copy that shows minor wear but is still relatively flat and clean with no significant creasing or other serious defects. Eye appeal is somewhat reduced because of slight surface wear and the accumulation of small defects, especially on the spine and edges. A FINE condition comic book appears to have been read a few times and has been handled with moderate care. Some accumulation of minor bindery defects is allowed. Minor cover wear apparent, with minor to moderate creases. Inks show a significant reduction in reflectivity. Blunted corners are more common, as is minor staining, soiling, discoloration, and/or foxing. Stamped or inked arrival dates may be present. A minor spine roll is allowed. There can also be a 1/4″ spine split or severe color break. Staples may show minor discoloration. Minor staple tears and a few slight stress lines may be present, as well as minor rust migration. In rare cases, a comic was not stapled at the bindery and therefore has a missing staple; this is not considered a defect. Any staple can be replaced on books up to Fine, but only vintage staples can be used on books from Very Fine to Near Mint. Mint books must have original staples. Paper is (no worse than) brown to tan and fairly supple with no signs of brittleness. No hint of acidity in the odor of the newsprint. Minor interior tears at the margin may be present. Centerfold may be loose but not detached.
I use The Official Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide to evaluate and grade all my comics sold/auctioned on eBay.


Inside Stuff

Creative Team

Script –
Roy Thomas ;
 Cover art –
Rich Buckler ;(pencils), 
Joe Sinnott  (inks) 
 Inside art -Rich Buckler (pencils), 
Joe Sinnott  (inks)

    Story Title
     Five Characters in Search of a Madman!

    Character Appearances

    Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Girl; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Ben Grimm; Power Man [Luke Cage]]; Alicia Masters; Franklin Richards

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