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Customer Appreciation 19th YEAR Auction & Sale

In appreciation to all my FANTASTIC eBay buyers, I’ll be auctioning off a good portion of my current eBay Silver/Bronze Age store inventory with low “INSANE” opening BIDs starting at .99 cents, going no higher than $9.99 with NO RESERVE! For some of the more High-End items I’ll be reducing the price 25% up to 50% OFF GUIDE. Also adding some NEW Modern Age stuff with starting BIDs at .99 cents, so be sure to get in on the action and check ’em out. Thanks for all your support over the past 19-years on eBay! Thanks for the 3300+ POSITIVE FEEDBACKS and 100% RATING!–with over 5500 TOTAL feedbacks!…Thanks for the NEAR PERFECT 5-STAR (5.0/4.9) ACROSS the BOARD DSR RATING!…Thanks to you I am now a TR-SELLER!…and for the rest of the year I’ll be auctioning off a super-selection of HIGH GRADE Silver/Bronze/Modern Age Comics, Autographed Comics w/COA’s, CGC Graded Comics and Baseball Cards, Sport Cards/Sets and Autographed Memorabilia, Non-Sport Cards/Sets, and loads of other great stuff. Lots of items will include FREE SHIPPING! Always willing to make a fair deal so…feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have something in mind.

Fantastic Four Comic Stuff

The 1961 premere of this self-proclaimed : World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” ushered in the Marvel Age of Comics. It all starts when Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm take part in a space launch. Everything goes perfectly until they are bombarded with cosmic rays. Their inadequately shielded spaceship does not protect them, and suddenly the four find themselves altered by the radiation. Reed’s body becomes elastic ; Susan finds herself able to turn invisible at will ; Ben becomes mutated into a the scaled-rock skined Thing ; and Johnny becomes a Human Torch. Together, they become The Fantastic Four. In the decades that followed, The FF has saved the world more times than can be counted and introduced readers to such legendary characters as The Inhumans, The Silver Surfer, Galactus, Doctor Doom and The Frightful Four. They’re Marvel’s longest-running team and a pivotal force in the Marvel Universe.
The issues that followed would be remembered as Marvel classics. Here is an opportunity to own an affordable, super investment grade copy of these early Marvel “classics”, with only the most minor of imperfections allowable in this grade.

Item Description Stuff

Featuring Mike McKone cover art and inside pencils. This attractive bright copy is a sharp solid issue with OUTSTANDING cover gloss, reflectivity, vibrant colors and vivid clarity. The cover/book is cut and centered perfectly with clean staples firmly attached straight on the spine to supple OWL-10 beautiful WHITE PAGES/cover through centerfold page. If your distinguishing attribute is page quality in comics, then your going the love the pages on this copy and on the run of Fantastic Four comics I’ll be listing over the next few weeks…they are absolutely outstanding…’nuff said!


I use The Official Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide to evaluate and grade all my comics sold/auctioned on eBay.

The comic lies extremely flat and is an excellent example. The comic is nearly flawless with outstanding spine, corners and edges. This is a new, exceptionally sharp copy and should fit in nicely to a high grade Fantastic Four collection. I want make sure you know all the details about this comic before you place a bid or purchase, that’s why I also provide an extremely large close-up scan for you to closely examine. Absolutely NO HIDDEN DEFECTS!!!…NO missing pieces inside/outside, NO large rips/tears, NO writing inside/outside, NO coupons cut-out, NO restorations, NO split spine, NO staple rust, NO touch-up, NO stains, NO large heavy color-breaking creases, NO spine roll, NO detached cover/pages/centerfold, NO surprises!…NO kiddin’! This copy appears to have been read (clean spine area) only a couple of times and appears to have been carefully handled/stored away. These early Fantastic Four comics are extremely tough to find in this grade (feel free to search for a similar copy on eBay), especially with this exceptional degree of color and gloss and the outstanding spine/page quality, did I mention supple OWL-10 “WHITE PAGES?” Everything else about this copy is rock-solid through and through, an asset for any high-grade collection. Pre-CGC Overstreet 2015-16 Guide at this grade $14-$16…Wizard Magazine at this grade $15-$17…pre-CGC graded selling at Retail/Hobby stores at $15-$18..Shows/Cons at $15-$20…possible CGC grade NM+ (9.6) at $30-$40…priced to sell, my BIN price is a reasonable $12…please feel free to contact me if there are any questions you might have about this item.

Inside Stuff

    Creative Teams
    Scripts – J. Michael Straczynski

    Cover art – Mike McKone

    Inside art – Mike McKone, Andy Lanning

      Story Titles

      “Distant Music”
      Civil War Tie-in
      This comic was produced by Marvel and Wizard, and was ONLY available to advance ticket holders of the Wizard World Philadelphia convention.
      Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, Reed Richards and Nick Fury
      NM+ (9.6)


    Terms, Conditions and Shipping Stuff

    I’ve Guaranteed Satisfaction on all my items sold on eBay for the last 19-years (since my 1st sale…way back in 1998) and my single goal is to make you happy! Just like the asterisk in my eBay I.D. (smittys*stuff), from now on you’ll always see them in my item titles…you can rest assure that there’s “never a risk when you see the asterisk!” As with all my shipping fees INSURANCE IS INCLUDED. I now offer a 30-day return for full refund/exchange/credit/trade whatever makes you happy, but on winning-bid amount only!…all postage – non-refundable. Items must be returned in the same condition that I sent ’em. I accept CREDIT CARDS through PAYPAL (items will be shipped when payment is received), items ship in 24 hrs…happy? I will be glad to combine multiple items brought or won to save you $$$ on shipping fees! Buyer pays for shipping and a small nominal fee for handling/packaging, it take’s time/effort to make sure your item gets to you in a safe/secure manner as my shipping & handling charges for items sold on my auctions ensure the lowest possible fee to the buyer. Most of the cost for handling fees actually comes from the expense of high quality packing, insurance/tracking, advanced product evaluation, product protection and rigorous quality control (I do check every page, cover to cover)…does that make you happy? FREE SHIPPING with BIN price only!
    I can ship your item Media Rate/1st Class/Priority/Special Standard/Next-Day/Pony Express/Carrier Pigeon, whatever I can do to make you happy, besides…shipping costs really add up, that’s why I give you the option. One more thing…insurance is included in the shipping fee (international shipments MUST be insured). Seller (that being me!) is not liable/responsable for uninsured items that are lost, stolen or damaged in the mail. Thanks for lookin’ at my stuff!…Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

    I am now a CGC member and can have your books graded…double click the CGC logo for pricing and info…any questions, please inquire!

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