Most Valuable Comic Books

Nowadays films dependent on comic books have become the most elevated film industry workers. This new interest in the characters has started higher comic book deals and expanded the costs of the uncommon/collectable issues.Loot Crate Exclusive Action Comics No 1 Superman Unopened Reprint NEW! w COA

For instance, without any than 100 duplicates left on the planet, a close mint duplicate of Action Comics No.1 (the primary comic book to highlight Superman) presently sells for an incredible $3.2 million.

Obviously, there are more interesting points before you money in, similar to the nature of the comic and if there are harms to any of the pages, and so forth

These are the 10 most significant comic books.

10. Commander America Comics 1 (1941)

Distributed: March 10, 1941

Author: Jack Kirby

Penciller: Jack Kirby

Cover Artist: Jack Kirby

Worth: $343,000

The comic that presented the most famous World War Two legend in the Marvel Universe, Captain America and his young partner Bucky Barnes.

09. Activity Comics 7 (1938)

Distributed: December 1938

Author: Jerry Siegel

Penciller: Joe Shuster

Worth: $414,000

The second-since forever appearance of the Man of Steel on a comic book cover.

08. Astonishing Fantasy 15 (1962)

Distributed: August 10, 1962

Author: Stan Lee

Penciler: Steve Ditko

Worth: $447,000

The last 1960s issue, Amazing Fantasy #15, is the title that presented the well known superhuman character Spider-Man.

07. All-American Comics 16 (1940)

Distributed: July, 1940

Author: Bill Finger

Penciler: Martin Nodell

Worth: $492,000

The presentation of Green Lantern.

06. Batman 1 (1940)

Distributed: July, 1940

Author: Bill Finger

Penciler: Bob Kane

Worth: $534,000

Undertakings highlighting Batman and Robin in the main comic to bear the Batman name. It likewise has the Joker and Catwoman’s first appearance.

05. Investigator Comics 1 (1937)

Distributed: March 1937

Author: E.C. Stoner

Penciler: E.C. Stoner

Worth: $541,000

Analyst Comics is the comic title through which Batman was presented. The cover date of Detective Comics #1 is March 1937.

04. Wonder Comics 1 (1939)

Distributed: November 10, 1939

Essayist: Ben Thompson

Penciler: Frank Paul

Worth: $572,000

Distributed in October 1939, the first-historically speaking Marvel Comic incorporated the primary appearance of Carl Burgos’ android hero the Human Torch.

03. Superman 1 (1939)

Distributed: Summer 1939

Author: Jerome ‘Jerry’ Siegel

Penciler: Joe Shuster

Worth: $731,000

The total story of the challenging endeavors of the unrivaled SUPERMAN.

02. Investigator Comics 27 (1939)

Distributed: May, 1939

Author: Bill Finger

Penciler: Bob Kane

Worth: $2,230,000

Investigator Comics #27 (May 1939) highlighted the main appearance of Batman.

Today it’s viewed as perhaps the most significant funnies ever.

01. Activity Comics 1 (1938)

Distributed: June 1938

Essayist: Jerry Siegel

Penciler: Joe Shuster

Worth: $3,200,000

“Superman, Champion of the Oppressed”. Activity Comics #1 requirements no presentation. It includes the main appearance of Superman.

Regardless of whether you have a terrible duplicate of Action Comics #1, it is worth great cash.

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