RARE Eminem Punisher Silly Book STORY inside XXL Journal Vengeance Is Eminem

RARE Eminem Punisher Silly Book STORY inside XXL Journal Vengeance Is Eminem

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RARE Eminem Punisher Silly Book STORY inside XXL Journal Vengeance Is Eminem


NOT A COMIC BOOK (SEE DETAILS BELOW). YOU WILL NOT FIND A COPY OF THIS MAGAZINE (in the placement it’s in) FOR THE PRICE SET. PLEASE READ (ASK QUESTIONS) BEFORE PURCHASING AS THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS FOR THIS ITEM. Please feel free to query extra photos if there’s one thing explicit that you just’d take to see. Now not a misfortune.

Punisher Eminem Shaggy dog legend inside Journal Vengeance Is Eminem XXL.

Here’s a Journal, you’re no longer going to drag a comedian book book out of it. I’ve had plenty of folk contact me, all very decent folk, actual asking actual questions. Besides one individual, but there’s constantly gonna be “that man”. The dude who has watched too many episodes of Pawn Stars and thinks they are Rick, but in all actuality they are actual an imitation Chumlee.

I’ve been suggested there’s a version of this journal, that it is advisable to perchance perchance if truth be told pull a total comedian book out of. I know there’s a single, traditional comedian book version in the market, I actual don’t contemplate any one pulled it out of a journal and bought a high CGC grade . Presumably I’m substandard, I don’t contemplate so but I will be. Regardless, right here’s a comedian book book legend inside a journal. I will give you any photos it is advisable to must see, I’ll ship you pics of the total legend need to you’re concerned on procuring it. I construct no longer have any misfortune with that. The truth of the topic is, right here’s an extraordinarily rare journal, with a comedian book book store inside of it. Can have to it is advisable to must opt the true comedian, Marvel created traditional comedian book (no longer a Journal) and yow will stumble on it on eBay (pricey but it’s rare). I’ve in no plot priced this journal as if it is that single comedian book venture. It actual takes a 2d to compare what I’m asking to what folk are soliciting for the in vogue-or-garden comedian.

I’m no longer a grader, please overview all photos and plot a resolution for your self relating to situation. There’s creasing on one side of the hide extra so than the other side, but creasing on each side however, ensuing from the truth this used to be kept with a couple of hundred other magazines reasonably than in moderation packed away devour a comedian book book. There’s a tiny walk (see photos) on the very bottom of belief to be one of many comedian book pages. Its a truly rare XXL journal containing Punisher comedian book that contains Eminem. Eminem is on the entrance and aid hide of the journal. Bask in them or hate them, Em is an icon in the hip-hop world, and the punisher is an icon in the comedian book world.. some extra recordsdata about that venture below below.

Extremely Rare addition to any Punisher or Eminem fan’s sequence. Especially concerned on EM’s history with XXL, along with the diss tracks between himself and historical XXL CEO, Benzino. The truth this journal even exists is insane. Eminem featured in a Punisher comedian book storyline? Queer, but plausible. A Punisher legend that contains Eminem, inside of a XXL Journal, and Em doesn’t actual continue to exist, but he’s terminate to Punisher level avenue clever? Well, that situation actual doesn’t seem devour it must be most likely. Em dissed XXL years sooner than The Marvel / XXL crossover took situation. Em wrote (and I am bettering out swearing) “After which to high it off, I walked to the newsstand To take this low payment-xss runt journal with a food rate Skipped to the final internet page, flipped dazzling rapid And what attain I see? A record of my monumental white xss OK, let me give you motherxxxxx some aid: Uh, right here – double XL, double XL Now your journal don’t have so worthy misfortune to promote Ah xxxx it, I could also take a couple myself”. So yeah, some execrable blood (and it will get loads worse than that) but Eminem is clearly a monumental fan of The Punisher. I easiest mention all this to provide context, and to masks the truth that this particular journal even exists is de facto unparalleled. The truth that it’s no longer veritably demonstrate in the wild and easiest going to circulate up in payment is a no brainer. Here is mostly a extraordinary amalgamation of hip-hop/ comedian book history. So all that being stated..Please attain contact me need to you’d take to see some extra photos to support with your resolution

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