The 15 Rarest Spider-Man Comics

Comic Book Grab Bag #2, Key Issues, 1st Appearances, Guaranteed One Pictured.In spite of the fact that Spidey has featured in various funnies, annuals, realistic books, and nature magazines, his unique disagreement Amazing Spider-Man is the one fans love the most. It additionally contains the most uncommon funnies around, particularly the soonest issues. To give a model, here are the 10 most uncommon Spider-Man funnies and what they’re worth.

Refreshed on January first, 2021 by Josh Davison: Spidey remains seemingly Marvel Comics’ generally well known and cherished character. In spite of the MCU motion pictures and the notoriety of characters like Wolverine, Deadpool, and Iron Man, Spider-Man actually rules in the Marvel comic scene. This, obviously, brings about some expensive vintage funnies that has committed gatherers drop now and again stunning measures of cash upon.


Stunning Spider-Man #15 — $26,000

This heavenly issue of Amazing Spider-Man, mathematically reflecting the issue in Amazing Fantasy in which Spider-Man originally showed up, is the main appearance of a long-lasting fan-most loved miscreant: Kraven the Hunter. This specific issue could run from $26,000 to $49,000 in top condition.

The plot of it is genuinely clear. Insect Man stops one more of the Chameleon’s burglaries, so the Chameleon contacts an old buddy by the name of Kraven the Hunter to stop Spider-Man. It doesn’t exactly go the manner in which Kraven expectations, and Spider-Man winds up getting both Kraven and Chameleon, who are Russian, extradited.


Astonishing Spider-Man #41 — $28,000

Astonishing Spider-Man #41

This issue presents to us the primary appearance of the cumbersome savage, the Rhino. He storms right from Mexico to seize John Jameson in New York. A ton of this issue really manages John Jameson and NASA-related stuff, yet it closes with a gigantic standoff between Spider-Man and the Rhino.

Spidey winds up winning the day by utilizing the Rhino’s solidarity and force against him, stumbling the Rhino with the goal that he hits the ground at max throttle. This issue has sold for $28,000 in 9.8 condition, however it plunges down to $13,000 from that point.


Astonishing Spider-Man #17 — $30,000

Astonishing Spider-Man #15

This issue includes the arrival of the Green Goblin and the principal collaborate between Spider-Man and the Human Torch sans the remainder of the Fantastic Four. This beginnings a long and celebrated fellowship between Spider-Man and the Torch. It additionally includes the arrival of the famous and lethal Green Goblin, and both saints should cooperate on the off chance that they are to stop the Goblin.

It additionally has a subplot about Flash Thompson, long-lasting domineering jerk of Peter Parker and future Venom, beginning a Spider-Man fan club, which is an abnormally beguiling little story that is focused outside of all the high-flying and punching of the Spider-Man way of life. Regardless, this issue is probably going to go around $30,000.


Astounding Spider-Man #28 — $34,000

Astounding Spider-Man #28

This issue presents to us the primary appearance of an earlier dark Spider-Man maverick, the Molten Man. The Molten Man has delighted in a resurgence of late because of such an appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home. While he has a few fans among the fanatic Marvel fanbase, he’s simply never appreciated a lot of distinction outside of that specialty.

This issue discovers Mark Raxton getting covered in liquid metal during a bombed exhibition from Spencer Smythe. This metal transforms Raxton into the Molten Man, and he chooses to go to wrongdoing—which definitely prompts him being caught by Spider-Man. Likewise included in this issue: Peter Parker’s secondary school graduation! This issue will probably run you $34,000 in great condition, however its FMV at 9.8 is $82,000.


Astonishing Spider-Man #50 — $50,000

There have been a lot of notable Spider-Man covers throughout the long term. Perhaps the most-imitated is 1967’s Amazing Spider-Man #50. Drawn by Jaunty John Romita, it shows Peter leaving his vocation as a web-slinger, urging himself to be Spider-Man no more.

Obviously, he doesn’t do this, despite the fact that a notable full-page board shows him tossing his ensemble in the trash. It’s essentially the development of genuine constrains that cause him to settle on the decision. Be that as it may, before somebody can get it to be one of those costumed characters in Times Square, Peter chooses he needs to continue to respect the demise of Uncle Ben. Other than that, not a lot occurs. Indeed, there’s a presentation of this person named Kingpin, yet that doesn’t make any difference.


Astounding Spider-Man #9 — $54,000

While there are duplicates of this 1964 comic actually out there, not many are in close mint condition. Thus, on the off chance that you do claim an almost perfect duplicate, check whether you can get it assessed. It very well may be actually worth $54,000.

That is on the off chance that you need to leave behind the issue that acquaints Electro with the group of miscreants. Without a doubt, his cover is … OK, simply call it idiotic. By the by, this criminal has some genuine force. He really crushes Spidey in the story. Be that as it may, on account of his unique way of life as a geeky science geekwad, Peter puts on a couple of elastic gloves to crush Electro. Sorry about the spoilers.


Astonishing Spider-Man #13 — $94,000

Once more, there are still duplicates of this comic out there, however not many at like-new status. This is one motivation behind why its present CGC esteem is $94,000. The other conceivable explanation is 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home dramatic delivery that presented the MCU rendition of the scalawag Mysterio.

In this scene of The Young and the Spider-Man, Peter contemplates whether he has various behavioral condition when the news reports the theft of a few foundations from the Wall-Crawler. Turns out Mysterio, an individual who professes to be a saint that can follow Spider-Man, has been depicting him and copying his capacities. Focus in on Peter’s tormented articulation as the ensemble crescendos to a business break.


Astounding Spider-Man #5 — #120,000

Astounding Spider-Man #5

This issue really includes no first appearances, however it denotes the first occasion when that Spider-Man experienced the incredible lowlife, Doctor Doom. Destruction just fell off an experience with the Fantastic Four, and he is deluded to accept that Spider-Man is an individual maverick and will go along with him in his ceaseless conflict against the FF. Creepy crawly Man rejects, and the two battle.

Through a progression of conditions, Spider-Man needs to save Flash Thompson—who is in a duplicate of the Spider-Man ensemble—from the fury of Doc Doom. The day is eventually saved by fortifications as the Fantastic Four. This earth shattering issue is worth around $120,000 in extraordinary condition.


Stunning Spider-Man #14 — $130,000

The principal appearance of the Green Goblin? Obviously it’s uncommon in close wonderful condition. It presents the archest of curve lowlifess to the Spider-stanza. Indeed, this issue is crammed with different appearances that qualify its most noteworthy deals worth of $130,000.

Gobby and the as of late delivered Enforcers (presented in #10) group up and bait Spidey to L.A. where he’s as far as anyone knows going to star in a film. Obviously, Peter gets conned out of cash, overcomes the Goblin and Enforcers, and winds up discovering the Hulk—scarcely staggering by then—in his concealing spot. Eventually, the maker who tricked Peter into this plan chooses to do a Hulk film all things considered. Clearly, he didn’t see into what’s to come.


Astonishing Spider-Man Annual #1 — $165,000

This is an early Amazing Spider-Man issue that is uncommon across all conditions, henceforth its top worth of $165,000. It’s additionally the root of the Sinister Six. Fundamentally, the entirety of the significant lowlifess presented since the arrangement started together in one group. It was a route for Stan the Man and Sensational Steve Ditko to streamline.

The yearly packs in 72 pages for an irrelevant quarter at that point. In addition to the fact that Spidey battles every reprobate on bright sprinkle pages, however he battles Dock Ock submerged. Additionally, the yearly highlights historical pages on every scalawag, a part on Spider-Man’s forces and devices, and a comic on how Stan and Steve made the Web-Head.


Stunning Spider-Man #3 — $270,000

Doc Ock has been a thistle in Spider-Man’s side always, in any event, assuming control over his life at a certain point. Everything began in Amazing Spider-Man #3. A comic that, in close mint condition, earns a top cost of almost $300,000.


5 Characters Spider-Man Lost To But Shouldn’t Have (and 5 He Beat But Shouldn’t Have)

The cover offers perusers a demeanor of secret. Spidey is appeared against a divider, arms, and legs akimbo and held by metal arms. Then, a concealed Doctor Octopus soliloquizes about his extraordinary ability to obliterate Spider-Man. Be that as it may, rather than finishing the comic book unexpectedly early, Peter Parker, the Science Guy, devises a few synthetics to meld Ock’s metal arms.


Stunning Spider-Man #2 — $750,000

An uncommon comic to discover in mint condition, it justifies a $750,000 sticker price whenever found. It very well may be for a couple of reasons. One, it’s the issue just after Spidey got his own book. Two, it presents a character that was utilized in Spider-Man: Homecoming: the Vulture

The cover is excellent in its plan and shows how exceptional Marvel was in delineation (much appreciated, Steve Ditko) and inking. It very well may’s be something ordinarily found in the later years by craftsmen like Neal Adams. This is likewise the first run through perusers see Spidey’s belt camera.