The 20 Most Expensive Comic Books

Are funny books your thing, or would you say you are simply inquisitive how much the most costly ones sell for?Superman #6 DC 1940 Comic Book CGC Graded 5.5

Indeed, stand by no more, here’s a rundown of the 20 most costly comic books on the planet.

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These are the 20 most costly comic books on the planet:

20. Exhibit #4 – $179,250
Most Expensive Comic Books – Showcase #4

Starting off our rundown of the most costly comic books on the planet is Showcase #4.

In this issue, a spic and span superhuman arises, that goes by the name of Barry Allen, or the Silver Age Flash. His personality ended up being a major achievement which prompted his own title soon after.

The comic book was distributed in 1956t and sold in 2009 for an incredible $179,250.

Batman comics

19. Tension Comics #3 – $173,275
Most Expensive Comic Books – Suspense Comics #3

Tension Comics #3 turned into the most important non-superhuman comic book in 2015 when it sold for $173,275.

Delivered in 1944, retailers chose not to stock it, because of its hostile cover, which included a lady going to be assaulted by hooded aggressors bearing insignias.

Funko Pop

Therefore, duplicates are scant today which is the reason this comic book is currently one of the most costly comic books on the planet!

18. Activity Comics #13 – $185,000Marvel 1985 #182 Marvel Tales Starring Spiderman Comic Book
Most Expensive Comic Books – Action Comics #13

Next up we have Action Comics #13. This issue includes Superman’s first fight with Ultra Humanite. Flicking through to the focal point of the comic, you’ll observe an enormous dream boat piece promoting Superman #1.

In 2011, the comic sold for $185,000, making it perhaps the most costly comic book of all time!

17. All American Comics #16 – $200,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – All American Comics – #16

In 2013, All American Comics #16 sold for an amazing $203,150.

Initially distributed in 1940, the book includes the very first appearance and history of Alan Scott, A.K.A, the Golden Age Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern ended up being a famous person, so his appearance in this issue fundamentally expands the cost.

16. Activity Comics #10 – $258,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – Action Comics #10

Delivered to general society in 1939, Action Comics #10 incorporates a story named, Superman goes to Prison.

It doesn’t include any major superheroes of the advanced time, notwithstanding, somebody was all the while able to pay $258,000 for in 2011.

Activity Comics #10 is the sixteenth most costly comic book on the planet!

15. Vindicators #1 – $274,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – Avengers #1

The 1963 comic book, Avengers #1, highlights Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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It follows the super group as they fight to overcome Thor’s shrewd sibling, Loki.

This first issue recently sold for $274,000, which is fantastic when you contemplate how much cash that really is! Yet, there are a few super fans out there, and everything has its cost!

Spiderman comics for sale

14. Marvel Comics #2 – $281,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – Whiz Comics #2

Recorded as the issue #2, Whiz funnies #2 is somewhat bizarre.

Issue #1 was just utilized in special promoting and never really delivered to general society, so in actuality, #2 is the public’s #1.

It includes the principal appearance of Captain Marvel, or Shazam in this day and age, to stay away from any disarray with Marvel’s own hero – Captain Marvel!

The notoriety of this comic book and its selectiveness implied it figured out how to sell for $281,000 in 2012.

13. Awesome Four #1 – $300,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – Fantastic Four #1

Potentially one of the main comic books on the rundown is The Fantastic Four, which sold for $300,000 in 2011.

Made by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961, this comic book shows the Fantastic Four’s first experience.

In the event that the Fantastic Four weren’t made, we doubtlessly wouldn’t have any of the Marvel characters that we appreciate today.

12. Fantastic Hulk #1 – $326,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – Incredible Hulk #1

Everybody adores the account of Dr Bruce Banner and his enormous green monster side, otherwise called – The Incredible Hulk.

The comic book was composed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and in his first appearance, Hulk was really dark!

Moreover, In August 2014, the comic book sold for more than $326,000!

11. Skipper America Comics #1 – $343,057
Most Expensive Comic Books – Captain America #1

Coming in at number eleven is another really well known comic bookCaptain America #1.

Composed by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, it includes the very first appearance of Captain America.

It’s additionally popular for its cover picture, which shows Captain America handling a right snare on Adolf Hitler!


10. Wonder Comics #1 – $350,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – Marvel Comics #1

Getting going our best ten count down is the very first issue of Marvel Comics.

Numerous well known superhuman characters are presented in this issue, like The Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Today, Marvel Comics is otherwise called just, “Wonder” and has proceeded to become one of the greatest diversion organizations on the planet.

9. Stories of Suspense #39 – $375,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – Tales of Suspense #39

One more formation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Tales of Suspense is popular for acquainting Iron Man with the world.

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Iron Man has had a couple of significant overhauls since his first appearance and presently looks much cooler than adaptation 1.0.

The comic book sold in 2012 for $375,000, which most likely had a great deal to do with the’s enormously famous, Robert Downey Jr Iron Man motion pictures.

8. Streak Comics #1 – $450,000
Most Expensive Comic Books – Flash Comics #1

In 2010 Flash Comics #1 sold for what was, at that point, the second-biggest measure of any comic book ever.

The comic was in awesome condition, thinking about its age, because of its business specialists and devoted comic book authorities, Edgar Church’s stockpiling methods.

Most of the best quality Golden Age funnies on the planet come from his assortment.

7. X-Men #1 – $492,937.50
Most Expensive Comic Books – X-Men #1

The primary issue of Stan Lee’s and Jack Kirby’s “X-Men” series sold for $492,937.50 in 2012.

It appeared appearances from freaks like Cyclops, Beast and Magneto.

X-Men proceeded to turn into an immense achievement, making various kid’s shows and motion pictures, worshiped by a large number of fans all over the planet.

6. Batman #1 – $567,625.00
Most Expensive Comic Books – Batman #1

The principal issue of Batman’s solo series includes the main appearances of two of his greatest most outstanding adversaries: The Joker and Catwoman.

Since its delivery, it has become one of just a small bunch of funnies in history to at any point break the $500,000 deal mark.

In 2013, one duplicate sold for over a large portion of 1,000,000 dollars, making it one of the most costly comic books on the planet!

5. Elite player Comics #8 – $936,223
Most Expensive Comic Books – All Star Comics #8

Next on this rundown is All-Star Comics #8.

The is a huge comic for any Wonder Woman spreads out there, as it denotes her introduction appearance.

This issue focusses on the Justice Society of America yet in addition highlights Wonder Woman’s history.

In 2017 a duplicate was recorded on eBay and sold for $936,223.

4. Investigator Comics #27 – $1,075 Million
Most Expensive Comic Books – Detective Comics #27

Criminal investigator Comics #27 elements the principal appearance of the unbelievable Batman.

Made by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, this is one comic book that I’m certain all comic book sweethearts would need to claim.

It was the most costly book at any point sold in 2010.

Notwithstanding, there is a great deal of talk about a hypothetical “better quality issue” being the most important comic book in presence, however one is yet to be found!

3. Astounding Fantasy #15 – $1.1 Million
Most Expensive Comic Books – Amazing Fantasy #15

This 1962 comic book by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, includes another first appearance, yet this time it’s – Spider-Man.

The web-throwing superhuman is one of the world’s most esteemed characters, so it was nothing unexpected when the duplicate sold for north of 1,000,000 dollars at sell off in 2011.

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Astounding Fantasy #15 is the third most costly comic book on the planet!

2. Activity Comics #1 – CGC 8.5 – $1.5 Million
Most Expensive Comic Books – Action Comics #1 8.5

This comic shows exactly how much worth is set on a CGC positioning, and the distinction a large portion of a point can make to the worth of a comic book.

While it includes a similar material as the most costly comic on the planet, it misses the mark concerning in front of the pack since it’s grade shows that it’s the overall condition isn’t all that it very well may be. It may remember wrinkles or creases for the pages and little scrape blemishes on the cover, which all have an effect.

It’s all in the subtleties!

1. Activity Comics #1 – CGC 9.0 – $3.2 Million
Most Expensive Comic Books – Action Comics #1 9.0

Ruling the best position on our rundown of the most costly comic books on the planet is Action Comics #1. CGC 9.0.

Seen by many fans just like the “sacred goal” of comic collectables, it includes the presentation of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s noteworthy Superman.

While the first comic sold for only 10c once upon a time, four duplicates have sold for in excess of 1,000,000 dollars from that point forward.

In 2014, this 9.0 CGC positioned duplicate sold for a huge $3.2 million dollars, making it the most costly comic book on the planet!