Top 10 Batman Comics You Should Read

Whether you’re a first-time reader or an avid bat fan these are the Batman stories you should pick up come that master Bruce that’s rappin sooner or later huh welcome to and still be counting down our picks for the top ten Batman comics and story lines you should read for this list we’re looking at the most famous issues and story arcs in Batman’s comic history what’s this an ambush outside the home

Of millionaire karnaby katz where Catwoman the Joker and their evil cohorts lie wickedly and wait for Batgirl and the Caped Crusader’s number 10 Batman hush please get out of my way snobby little jerk isn’t it for an orphan if you wanted to start reading the modern Batman comics but aren’t sure where to start hush is a great place introducing one of Batman’s most personal villains hush is one of Bruce

Wayne’s childhood friends who becomes one of the Dark Knight’s smartest nemec’s throughout the story readers also get to meet iconic characters like poison ivy the Joker and two-face severely outnumbered Batman teams up with Catwoman with whom he becomes romantically involved of course maybe you can help me find the woman I’m the cat number nine Batman the cult who dares disrupt this ritual it’s rare for a

Villain to get the upper hand on Batman but that is exactly what happens in this story the main villain here is Deacon Blackfyre who with the help of his cult of homeless followers has kidnapped Batman the story begins with Batman already in captivity and we witness Batman succumb to blackfyres brainwashing techniques Gotham will be mine spare me the sermon the comic also includes the assassination of several Gotham City politicians and an attempt

On Commissioner Gordon’s life making it one of the most violent and disturbing stories in Batman’s history this is over I say when it’s over Blackfyre take him down to the cell number eight Batman a death in the family so try and clear this up okay pumpkin while the deaths of his parents inspired Bruce Wayne to become the Caped Crusader it’s the death of Jason Todd the second Robin that haunts Batman’s career a controversial character Jason Todd’s

Death was actually voted on by fans and the resulting poll led to the 1988 storyline Batman a death in the family please tell the big man I said hello in it the Joker is at his most evil as he tortures and murders Batman’s sidekick leaving Batman questioning his own motivations number seven Arkham Asylum a serious house on serious earth yeah it’s been a hell of a night hopefully the last one we’ll ever have with him Yeah right the

Comic that served as the inspiration for the 2009 video game Batman Arkham Asylum this story sees Batman venture into the heart of the asylum to stop a riot caused by you guessed it the Joker huh come on in this comic is the perfect showcase for the villains of the Batman universe revealing how real their psychological afflictions really are I’ve contracept Batman I will hunt you perhaps the most interesting part of the story is the insight into amedeo’s

Arkham the founder of the asylum and the facility’s own disturbing past number six Batman nightfall made a serious mistake not as serious as yours Bane is one of the few villains who can match the Dark Knight in terms of strength endurance and fighting skill but what makes Bane so dangerous is that he’s also highly intelligent knowing his chances of defeating Batman in direct assault are slim Bane tips the odds in his favor by

Forcing Batman to deal with a number of different villains including poison ivy the Riddler and the Joker in a single evening his plan succeeds and when Bane confronts an exhausted Batman he quickly gets the upper hand breaking the bat in one of the most iconic pages in comic book history oh you’re running number five Batman dark victory I like to think about every second the day is getting two-face took my whole life a direct sequel to the

Classic the long Halloween this story follows Batman as he attempts to stop another serial killer called the hangman it also tells a side story about how Dick Grayson was orphaned and became Robin we clearly see how important a character Robin is to Batman on both a crime-fighting and personal level the comic of course features many iconic Batman villains including the emergence of Harvey Dent as to base and for fallout from this

Transformation this you die now our talk number for Batman the long Halloween if leave a man’s life to chance not exactly holidays are supposed to be a time when people can spend time with their friends and family in Gotham however crime never takes a break each issue in this story arc takes place during another holiday and features yet another murder and add in the development of the relationship between

Batman and lieutenant James Gordon as well as a look at the fall of Harvey Dent and this story has absolutely everything you could ever want in a Batman comic you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain number 3 Batman year one 12 years the ache is still fresh one of the best moves DC ever made was hiring Frank Miller to retell the story of the dark nights early days Miller stripped Batman of all the psychotic

Villains fancy gadgets and even the Batmobile instead he focused on Batman’s early attempts at fighting crime including several failed attempts at being a vigilante phrase it also provided insight into the early career of James Gordon who arrived in Gotham at the same time as Batman the pair then form an uneasy partnership that we know remains a staple of the Batman universe you’d better go and Thank You number two Batman The

Killing Joke so why do they call me Joker I heard it was makeup makeup yeah it scared people Joker is Batman’s greatest enemy and The Killing Joke is the best Joker story this is the definitive look at the Joker before he became a psychotic menace and writer Alan Moore brings us one of the most disturbing Batman stories ever told The Joker goes after Batgirl the alter ego of Commissioner James Corden’s daughter Barbara in her own home gunning

Her down in front of her father Barbara is left paralyzed from the waist down ending her career as Batgirl before we unveil our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions number one the Dark Knight Returns you’re under arrest mister you just crippled that man is young he’ll walk again while all the comics on this list are must reads this one stands above the rest The Dark Knight Returns created by Frank Miller follows an aging and

Retired Bruce Wayne as he returns to his crime-fighting ways we see all the classic Batman villains but the highlight is definitely the showdown between Batman and Superman this is between you and me the Man of Steel is tasked by the government to take down Batman in an epic climax that answers a question comic-book fans have asked for decades who would win in a fight Ben Affleck or Henry cattle I mean Batman or Superman.