Top 10 Most Valuable Batman Comic Books

All you care about is money this town deserves a better class welcome to watch mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most valuable batman comics this gives you power over me for this list we’ll be looking at dark knight stories that fetch high costs that might even make bruce wayne blush we’ll be looking at a combination of their average going price highest recorded

Sales and historic significance for our rank since prices may shift over time we’ll give you the information you deserve and let you know that our estimates were current as of march 1st 2021 which of these comics would you add to your personal bat cave let us know in the comments below number 10 batman number two if we’re talking about batman’s most complicated relationships both the joker

And catwoman come to mind joker you know what the joke is here i’m totally innocent yeah that doesn’t even sound right does it after all these three go all the way back to 1940. the pricey batman number two features the joker’s second appearance as well as catwoman in one maybe if batman didn’t leave the joker behind for dead in this issue things could have turned around for the clown but the hero was a little

Distracted by the already obvious flirtatious connection he had with the cat we’ve done this dance for so long aren’t you just the least bit curious a graded issue where batman officially dubs the famous thief catwoman has been valued at an average price of eighteen thousand dollars if either of batman’s foes knew its worth they might stop fighting him and try to steal this comic batman

I’m not stealing anything just looking around old habits number nine detective comics number 36 before there was the joker there was doctor strange no not that doctor strange detective comics number 36 features the first appearance and origin of dr hugo strange this criminally sharp scientist who has managed to figure out batman’s identity has become a recurring dc villain you are a valuable commodity

Bruce wayne or should i say batman a good condition issue with this twisted doctor premieres goes for an average price of just above 29 000 and this is without anyone seeing strange appear as a main villain in mainstream hollywood movies for decades if you try to stop me i guarantee everyone will know your secret maybe the villain’s appearances in

Animated content video games and tv shows have made this comic so attractive online however could the real draw of the issue be the first appearance of batman’s glove fins strange would probably disagree perhaps we could pick it up right there next time number eight detective comics number 140 riddle me this are there any bat rogues more puzzling than edward nigma aka the riddler i will give you three riddles for every riddle you get wrong

I cut a rope instead of relying on brawn this villain’s brain proved to be a more unique threat for batman the questionable villain challenged bruce wayne’s intellect by having him solve complicated puzzles that left the gotham police force stumped seeing the batman triumph over the riddler helped establish the hero as one of the most intelligent dc superheroes of all time the questionable rogue has been portrayed in everything from 1960s

Batman tv series the 2022’s the batman what is the price for your blind body his recent role has likely helped keep demand high for his first appearance with graded editions of this comic potentially fetching around forty thousand dollars it’s safe to say this villain is still unquestionably popular you’ll see number 7 detective comics number 35 while this early detective comics issue may not hold any notable first

Appearances it’s one expensive bat book the highest reported price this issue has been valued at is around 119 000 but why would bruce wayne need to pull out his checkbook for this comic it is not a question of money well it’s classic bob kane cover notably marks the first time dc started producing consecutive batman covers up until this issue dc was still testing the character out they only featured the

Caped crusader on the cover of every other issue however it was here when dc decided to go all in on batman this comic marks a key tide changing moment for the publishing giant where they aimed a spotlight firmly on the dark knight. nice number six detective comics number 28. for anyone who can’t afford the hefty price tag of batman’s debut comic his

Second appearance in this issue should be much more affordable you might want to set your budget in the six figure range for a high-grade copy the next 10 000 will be up to specifications at least they gave us a discount fittingly this issue sees batman trying to stop jewel thieves as part of his complex plan he leads the gcpd to believe he’s a crook all right so black tank parallels to this twisty plot have played out in numerous bat stories over

Batman comics to check out

The years outside of its relevance to the mythos this important comic’s place in history makes it worth investing in while it may feel like a consolation prize to hardcore collectors we’ll never get tired of seeing batman deliver a thief to the gcpd with a note in this story number five detective comics number 38. the arguably most famous comic duo consists of batman and his crime fighting partner robin you can’t take

This one suko’s mine sorry robin but i’ve waited half my life batman out their pop culture popularity means it isn’t surprising that dick grayson’s first appearance takes place in one of batman’s most valuable comic books a graded version of this historic issue goes for an average of 78 thousand honestly we think robin deserves to fetch that price for his significance his presence paved the way for bruce wayne to have a much larger bat family

Today popular dc franchises like teen titans also directly sprung from the early seeds planted with this first appearance sorry to interrupt the victory celebration but like i said this isn’t over it’s just getting started despite a tragic origin robin was incredibly relatable he allowed kids to imagine themselves fighting alongside our favorite bat-dressed vigilante come on partner

It’s been a long night number four detective comics number 29 first appearances tend to outshine lesser key issues but this entry proves having multiple notable points can yield significantly high prices i will dump 20 million in cash on the crowd don’t worry about me this issue features the third appearance of batman and comics his second cover appearance and grand debut of his classic utility belt it also has the

Dark knight’s first major super villain dr death although this antagonist isn’t that popular outside of the page the value of the comic he initially showed up in is more known this issue has been known to fetch a high six-figure market value we’d like to think the utility belt is a strong contributing factor to the value over time it’s become one of the coolest accessories in comics ever because it holds so many batman gadgets [Music]

[Music] detective comics number 31 while on patrol in new york instead of gotham batman crosses paths with a costumed villain known as the monk the underused villain shares his first appearance with bruce wayne’s girlfriend julie madison you might remember her brief appearance in the ill-fated batman and robin film roosty you and the exquisite julie madison have been going out forever

Are you going to tie the knot as great as she and the villain are the issue has a few other tremendous things going for it it’s got the debut of the flying vehicle known as the bat gyro and the first appearance of batman’s go-to weapon of choice the batarang white bats lost away that’s frightened me this time my enemies shared my dread [Music] and it’s arguably more important aspect

Is the often homaged batman over castle cover by bob kane known for having a graded comic that fetched around 175 000 this issue is definitely one for the rich ladies gentlemen you’ve eaten well you’ve eaten gotham’s wealth number two batman number one the joker is undeniably one of comic’s

Greatest villains i believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger his sadistic actions an unpredictable behavior have made him a fascinating character who had several award-winning portrayals but long before his name was tied to oscar gold and high box office returns he debuted in batman number one if that wasn’t enough to drive up the value of this issue we also

Get catwoman’s first ever appearance here her incredible drive and romantic tension with batman made her a character that many performers have successfully sunk their acting claws into maybe we’re not so different who are you under there in 2021 an issue of this story sold for over two million dollars we think catwoman and batman could afford to go on a pretty nice vacation away from the joker if they sold one batman number one i’ll even pay

Okay you pay before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one detective comics number 27 not only have graded versions of this historic comic fetched million dollar price tags but this notable story

Features the first appearance of the batman i’d like you to do me a favor i want you to tell all your friends about me where are you i’m batman while we also get commissioner gordon’s debut we’re fairly sure its value has everything to do with batman the world’s greatest detective is an icon that will forever stand at the top of fan favorite superheroes there’s a symbol i can be incorruptable i can be everlasting

Since he doesn’t have powers we could all see ourselves becoming the caped crusader we just need massive wealth fighting experience and tons of fancy gadgets but those tiny logistical details haven’t stopped generations of fans from dreaming of putting on a costume and fighting crime batman’s deep connection to so many made his debut issue one of the most valuable comic books of all time.