Top 10 Spider-Man Comics You Should Read

Marvel’s most famous character has had several iconic stories over the years Who am I I’m spider-man welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 spider-man comics you should read something goes wrong and this creepy crawler is there look at that he’s fleeing the scene what’s that tell you for this list we’re looking at the most famous issues and story arcs in

Spider-man’s comic history now it is a party number 10 spider-man amazing fantasy number 15 while spider-man would eventually get his own comic book series starting with the amazing spider-man number 1 he first appeared in 1962 s amazing fantasy number 15 with the amazing fantasy series having been canceled Stanley rolled the dice on a story about a teenage boy transforming into a superhero and boy did he roll a

Hard six this would result in one of the most famous origin stories of all time as Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider gain superpowers but loses his Uncle Ben learning that with great power say it with me now comes great responsibility number nine the kid who collects spider-man amazing spider-man number 248 at first glance this story may seem like your average spider-man plot Spidey

Hunts down a villain named Thunder ball and battles him in the middle of New York hey my name is spider-man you call me webhead you can call me amazing don’t call me late for dinner get it however during the story our hero visits a young boy named Timmy Harrison who is said to be spider-man’s biggest fan spider-man tells Timmy all about the incident that turned him into a

Superhero and about his Uncle Ben and he even takes off his mask I need come back yeah thanks for stepping up for me here the bravest kid I’ve ever seen at the end of the issue we learned that timmy has leukemia and only a few weeks left to live this is one of the most emotional and moving issues of the amazing spider-man series listen to me I need you you’re my eyes and ears out here alright alright number eight the Green Goblin unmasked amazing

Spider-man number forty okay I give up which one of you is the Goblin in amazing spider-man number 39 the Green Goblin discovered that spider-man was Peter Parker in the next issue Spidey one up the Green Goblin by discovering that he was in fact Norman Osborn stop it’s me mr. Osborn at the time it was extremely rare for a hero to Noah villains secret identity and vice versa discovering each other’s secret identities drastically

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Changed the characters relationship their battles became much more personal and often resulted in their loved ones getting caught in the crossfire number seven spider-man blue one is too dangerous I’m coming with you I’ve seen the grid specs and I know how to reset the entire system but I’m coming with you you know with me shut the thing spider-man blue is a fresh look at one of the most famous stories in the spider-man

Universe the death of Gwen Stacy the story is honest and heartfelt as spider-man speaks to an old tape recorder on Valentine’s Day in an attempt to tell Gwen how he feels knowing full well she’ll never hear it perhaps the most memorable moment comes at the very end as we discovered that Mary Jane has been listening the whole time instead of being angry with Peter she simply asks him to say hi to Wayne for her

Symbolizing how important she was to both Peter and MJ I promised him that I would keep away from you now I’m gonna come and eat dinner with your family number six if this be my destiny amazing spider-man number 31 to 33 ladies and gentlemen fasten your seatbelts the first major story arc of spider-man’s career was certainly a memorable one these few issues see spider-man try to stop a villain known as the master planner

While also beginning his college career and attempting to take care for a sick aunt may we soon discovered that the master planner is none other than Doctor Octopus one of Spidey’s greatest foes the most memorable sequence has to be when our hero is pinned under a ton of machinery in an underground fortress that is beginning to flood we see spider-man’s true strength as he attempts to defeat Doc Ock and save on May’s life

Number five nothing can stop the juggernaut amazing spider-man number 229 230 refreshing smell of it this story might not be as emotional as some of the others on this list but it’s a true David and Goliath tale as spider-man attempts to stop the juggernaut I’m scared I better run one of the things that makes my tea so popular is his determination and the fact that he never gives up no matter how tough things get this is on full display in this story as

The juggernaut continually beats on Spidey but our hero never gives up and eventually is able to defeat the monstrous powerhouse I gotta watch those late-night parties number 4 venom amazing spider-man number 300 you just knew that Stanley would have something special in store for his 300th issue of the Amazing Spiderman and he did not disappoint why don’t we introduce you to Abed ahem we call us yeah

Spidey has taken on a lot of villains over the years but never one quite like venom who is essentially a twisted mirror image of the web crawler himself now we have big you know nothing about us but we know everything about you she a she every plan spider-man is able to defeat venom and ditch his black suit for the classic red and blue costume but venom would become one of the most dangerous villains Spidey would ever face for years to come

Never woman what you can’t kill number three Craven’s last hunt amazing spider-man number 293 – 294 nice outfit don’t tell me you’re a Leo right when you think of scary spider-man villains Kraven the hunter probably isn’t high on the list that changes in this story arc and don’t underestimate me again but once laughable villain becomes obsessed with hunting spider-man and eventually captures him and buries him alive while spider-man is eventually able to escape

Kraven refuses to fight the webcrawler believing himself to be the victor when I’m little my junk oh he eventually commits suicide capping off one of the grittiest spider-man stories ever told we must go go but where we will go when we can be three number two spider-man no more amazing spider-man number 50 it’s no secret that Peter Parker gets frustrated with his role as spider-man and threatens to quit on several

Different occasions but in this issue he really seems serious as he gives up the costume in an effort to live a normal life listen maybe you’re not supposed to be spider-man climbing those walls in one of the most iconic panels of the amazing spider-man series Peter walks away in the rain as he leaves his costume in a trash can where the hell did you get that in the garbage the story does an excellent job at showing the difficulties of being a superhero

And was one of the major plot lines for the movie spider-man 2 before we unveil our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions number one the death of Gwen Stacy amazing spider-man number 121 you’re gonna make enemy people will get hurt so what’s the pros be something okay leave Gwen easily the most iconic comic in the spider-man universe and perhaps comic book history this story is

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Considered to be the end of the Silver Age of comics when Stacy was Peter Parker’s first true love and most readers just assumed that the two would get married and lived happily ever after however when was killed during a battle between spider-man and the Green Goblin find me let her go what makes her death even more tragic was the fact that saving Gwen is one actually killed her as the whiplash from Spidey’s webbing is what breaks her neck

Do you agree with our list with the king of the jungle running around out there not a chance what’s your favorite spider-man comic no I’m really mad you got my shoe when again for more great top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to