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MARCH 1979

Buyer Appreciation 19th YEAR Public sale & Sale

Thanks for all your enhance right thru the last 18-years on eBay! Thanks for the 3200+ POSITIVE FEEDBACKS and 100% RATING!–with over 5400 TOTAL feedbacks!…Thanks for the NEAR PERFECT 5-STAR (4.9) ACROSS the BOARD DSR RATING!…Thanks to you I’m now a TR-SELLER!…and for the relaxation of the 12 months I will be auctioning off a huge-change of HIGH GRADE Silver/Bronze/Celebrated Age Comics, Autographed Comics w/COA’s, CGC Graded Comics and Baseball Cards, Sport Cards/Objects and Autographed Memorabilia, Non-Sport Cards/Objects, and masses of varied huge stuff. Hundreds objects will consist of FREE SHIPPING! Constantly prepared to hang a honest deal so…be at liberty to drop me an e-mail must it’s seemingly you’ll presumably earn gotten something in mind.

X-Men Funny Stuff

Stan Lee co-created the X-Men, one amongst Wonder’s first huge-groups, as a youthful counterpart to the plump-grown heroes in The Avengers. With membership consisting of Scott Summers (Cyclops), Jean Gray (Wonder Girl), Warren Worthington III (Angel), and Hank McCoy (The Beast), The X-Men are students, enrolled in Professor Xavier’s College for Proficient Teenager. The secret is that these teenagers are mutants. Their genetic construction is varied from that of long-established folk, and so that they’ve been blessed with uncommon huge-powers as a consequence. They’re called The X-Men on myth of that something “X-tra” that every possesses. Even though moderately neatly-liked in its early days, the customary bustle of the X-Men had nearly gentle from existence when it turned into revitalized by the introduction of the “New X-Men” in Huge-Sized X-Men #1. It then went on to alter into one amongst Wonder’s most winning titles.
Within the decades that followed, The X-Men earn saved the arena more times than may perchance also be counted and presented readers to such legendary characters as Magneto,

The Blob, Quick Silver & The Scarlet Witch, Ka-Zar & Zabu, The Stranger, Juggernaut, The Banshee, Havok, Sauron, Sunfire, Colossus. Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, Phoenix, Starjammers, Alpha Flight, Kitty Pleasure, The Dazzler, Binary, Rogue, Cable, Jubilee, Gambit, Bishop and plenty of more. They’re one amongst Wonder’s strongest groups and a pivotal power within the Wonder Universe. The complications that followed would be remembered as Wonder classics. Many rob into myth this era of the X-Men to be the apex of the Silver Age to the Bronze Age, both when it comes to art work and storytelling. Here is an opportunity to earn an inexpensive reproduction of this early Wonder “traditional!” An vivid radiant reproduction, a pointy solid anguish with OUTSTANDING COVER GLOSS deep filthy rich purple and inexperienced background colors and colorful readability, even the support veil shines neatly. Trim staples firmly hooked as much as supple OWL-10 WHITE PAGES/COVER thru centerfold online page.

9.2 NEAR MINT– (NM–): Virtually helpful with handiest a minor extra defect or defects that support it from Come Mint. A restricted assortment of teenage bindery/printing defects are allowed. A gentle, barely noticeable water stain or microscopic foxing that would now not detract from the sweetness of the e-book is appropriate for this grade. Veil is flat with (nearly) no surface keep on. Inks are radiant with handiest the slightest dimming of reflectivity. Customarily successfully centered and firmly secured to inner pages. Corners are decrease square and though-provoking with ever-so-microscopic blunting permitted. A 1/16-1/8″ bend is permitted with no colour spoil. No creases. Miniature, inconspicuous, evenly penciled, stamped or inked arrival dates are acceptable so long as they are in an unobtrusive online page online. No soiling, staining or varied discoloration as adversarial to some microscopic foxing. Backbone is tight and flat. No spine roll or split allowed. Staples may perchance also merely point out some discoloration. No staple tears are allowed; nearly no stress lines. No rust migration. In rare cases, a comic turned into now not stapled on the bindery and as a consequence of this reality has a missing staple; here’s now not idea to be a defect. Any staple may perchance also be modified on books as much as Exquisite, however handiest traditional staples may perchance also be outmoded on books from Very Exquisite to Come Mint. Mint books must earn customary staples. Paper is (no worse than) off-white to cream, supple and new. No impress of acidity within the odor of the newsprint. Centerfold is firmly right. Shrimp inner tears are allowed.

I take advantage of The Good Overstreet Funny E-book Grading Handbook to evaluate and grade all my comics sold/auctioned on eBay.

As you may be able to note studying my feedbacks and these of you which earn won bids on my auctions, know I’m a strict grader and I repeatedly desire hang obvious you’re unsleeping of your entire limited print about any merchandise I space on the general public sale block sooner than you even take into myth inserting a advise, that’s why I also provide gigantic shut-up scans. I’ll picture every thing about any merchandise I provide, thus…NO HIDDEN DEFECTS!!!…NO missing objects inner/delivery air, NO gigantic creases, NO spine roll, NO restorations, NO touch-ups, NO gigantic rips/tears, NO stains, NO writing inner/delivery air, NO coupons decrease-out, NO rusty staples, NO split spine, NO detacted veil/centerfold/pages, NO gigantic creases, NO surprises!…NO kiddin’! These early Marvels are extraordinarily advanced to search out in this grade, especially with this distinctive stage of colour and gloss and the illustrious spine/online page quality. All the pieces else about this reproduction is rock-solid thru and thru, and would hang for significant addition to a high-grade assortment. A that it’s seemingly you will be able to judge CGC candidate. My BIN label is $83.00 with FREE SHIPPING!…please be at liberty to contact me if there are any questions it’s seemingly you’ll presumably earn about this merchandise.

Inner Stuff

    Ingenious Groups

    Script – John Byrne (attach); Chris Claremont (attach, script)

    Veil Art – Dave Cockrum (Pencils), Terry Austin (Inks)

    Inner Art – John Byrne (Pencils), Terry Austin (Inks)
    Memoir Title

    ” ‘Twas the Evening Earlier than Christmas…”
    Synopsis: The X-Men and Sunfire strive to support Moses Magnum from sinking Japan; Proteus escapes from the lab on Muir Isle.

    X-Men [Cyclops; Phoenix [Jean Grey]; Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Banshee; Nightcrawler]; GUESTS: Sunfire; Mariko Yashida; Moira MacTaggert; Extra than one Man; Misty Knight; Colleen Flit; Havok; Polaris; VILLAINS: Moses Magnum; Mandroids; CAMEO: Proteus


NM- (9.2)


Phrases, Prerequisites and Shipping Stuff

I’ve Guaranteed Pleasure on all my objects sold on eBay for the final 19-years (since my 1st sale…procedure support in 1998) and my single aim is to hang you happy! Perfect admire the asterisk in my eBay I.D. (smittys*stuff), any longer it’s seemingly you’ll repeatedly note them in my merchandise titles…you may be able to relaxation roar that there is “by no procedure a likelihood must you note the asterisk!” As with all my delivery costs INSURANCE IS INCLUDED. I now provide a 30-day return for plump refund/commerce/credit score/commerce no topic makes you happy, however on a success-advise quantity handiest!…all postage – non-refundable. Objects must be returned within the an identical situation that I sent ’em. I net CREDIT CARDS thru PAYPAL (objects will doubtless be shipped when price is bought), objects ship in 24 hrs…happy? I will be at liberty to combine more than one objects brought or won to keep you $$$ on delivery costs! Purchaser pays for delivery and a limited nominal price for dealing with/packaging, it rob’s time/effort to hang obvious your merchandise gets to you in a right/right system as my delivery & dealing with costs for objects sold on my auctions hang obvious the bottom that it’s seemingly you will be able to judge price to the purchaser. Many of the label for dealing with costs basically comes from the expense of wonderful packing, insurance/monitoring, evolved product overview, product protection and rigorous quality support watch over (I hang test every online page, veil to veil)…does that hang you happy? FREE SHIPPING with BIN label handiest!
I will ship your merchandise Media Rate/1st Class/Precedence/Particular Same old/Subsequent-Day/Pony Explicit/Provider Pigeon, no topic I will hang to hang you happy, moreover…delivery costs basically add up, that’s why I salvage a procedure. One more thing…insurance is incorporated within the transportation price (international shipments MUST be insured). Vendor (that being me!) is now not liable/responsable for uninsured objects which may presumably be lost, stolen or damaged within the mail. Thanks for lookin’ at my stuff!…Contented Hunting and Like minded Success!

I’m now a CGC member and can earn your books graded…double click on the CGC emblem for pricing and data…any questions, please query!


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